10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

A clean home is a happy home – and that goes for decluttering too!

Deciding how to declutter your home is ultimately up to you, but here’s our advice on how to get started:

  • Fill up a bin or trash bag. It can be satisfying to fill a whole bin or trash bag with things you no longer use, and before you know it, you’ll want to keep going!
  • Take before and after photos to motivate yourself. Seeing a space that was previously covered in junk become a clear and clean space can be all it takes to inspire a little motivation.
  • Optimize your storage. Sometimes, even storage gets cluttered. It can help to take everything out of your storage areas and put things back in a more organized fashion – it doesn’t hurt to get rid of some things while you’re at it.
  • Declutter a little bit each day – there’s no need to stress yourself out by doing it all at once! Take baby steps if you need to.
  • Decide what to keep. Start by taking inventory of your closets and say goodbye to anything you haven’t worn or used in over a year. 
  • Invite a friend over to help. Sometimes we need a little motivation to start decluttering, plus your friend may have need of something you’re getting rid of!
  • Ask yourself if it’s useful. And yes, if it sparks joy (thanks, Marie Kondo). You’d be surprised what may by lying around that you don’t need or even care about. In the bin it goes!
  • Declutter by area. It can sometimes be easier to start with one room and move to the next when it’s complete. You can even start with a junk drawer!
  • Practice one-in-one-out. Basically, for every new item you purchase, you get rid of or giveaway an item you already have. This works wonders for keeping the clutter at bay.
  • Pretend you’re moving. Trust us on this one, it really works! If you see an item that you wouldn’t go to all that effort to keep, get rid of it!

As always, we’re here to haul any junk or waste you accumulate – just give us a call 512-601-5560.

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