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Dumpster Moving Services: How To Save Money When Moving To A New Home

Moving can be costly, and with so many expenses to consider, finding ways to stay within a budget can make a big difference. If you’re moving into a new house and aiming to save money, here are some valuable tips to help make this process easier.

Ordering a dumpster may seem strange at first — after all, how much trash will you really have? However, from our experience, many homeowners love having a dumpster to help make moving out a breeze.

How Can Dumpster Services Help You When Moving?

Moving takes a lot of time and energy which is why many people view this period of change as turning over a new leaf. So, depending on when you last looked over everything you own, you may have a lot of things to throw away.

Unwanted furniture, trash, and other debris pile up quite quickly. Instead of dealing with all of this yourself, call up your local dumpster waste company and rent a dumpster. 

Having a dumpster available while moving will make throwing away trash more convenient (and save you multiple car trips to the dump). It also simplifies your moving process by having trash all be in one location (instead of all around the house) and allows you to declutter without limitation before moving into a new space.

Dumpster Moving Services: 6 Tips On Saving Money When Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new home can be scary and stressful – especially on your wallet – but thankfully, Griffin Waste Services has some steps you can take to reduce this.!

1. Evaluate New Purchases Carefully

While moving to a new home and starting a new chapter of life may tempt you to splurge on new furniture and luxuries, we suggest thinking twice before making significant purchases. If you’re downsizing to a smaller place and leaving your old home for rental, consider selling some furniture and appliances online instead of moving them with you.

As exciting as new purchases are, we suggest taking a moment to evaluate whether you’ll have the space and need for them.

2. Avoid Loans if Possible:

Try to avoid taking out new loans for the move. If you already have a loan secured, ensure you’ve paid off as much as possible before moving day to reduce stress during this period.

If you need financial assistance, many companies are able to work with you. From financing plans to special discounts, don’t be afraid to ask for a payback plan.

3. Compare Moving Companies:

If you plan to use a moving company, gather quotes and compare services. Look into weight limits, insurance options, payment plans, and other details that could impact your budget and timeline.

Moving companies in Central Texas in particular aren’t always cheap but can be the most affordable option for people moving from one large TX city to another, so make sure you’re working with the best company that aligns with your needs the most.

4. Create a Moving Checklist:

A checklist is the perfect way to organize your moving tasks. This way, you can prioritize tasks and set deadlines for completion. 

Using calendars or planners can also help you stay organized and avoid unnecessary moving stress.

5. Explore Self-Storage Options:

Renting a truck for a DIY move can be expensive. Instead, consider using self-storage units for your belongings until you find a suitable place to live. Look for secure facilities with extra security features and inquire about their fees.

Though self-storage costs can add up, it certainly does beat having to move around all your stuff again in a short amount of time.

6. Utilize Dumpster Services:

For disposing of a large number of items or clearing out junk from your old house, renting a dumpster can be a practical option. It keeps your yard clutter-free, especially if your old house has been on the market for some time.

Additionally, the best thing about dumpster rental services is that you don’t have to deal with the trash yourself! All you have to do is put your unwanted items in the dumpster and call the dumpster rental company to pick it up. After that, it’s in our hands to safely and economically dispose of your items.

Help Make Moving Easier With Griffin Waste Services

Moving can be a stressful and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to drain your finances entirely. By being proactive and researching various money-saving options, such as dumpster moving services for proper waste disposal, you can make your move more affordable and less daunting.

Call Griffin Waste Services today for a quote. We love serving our community and offering you the best quality service!

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  1. Who knew dumpsters had a side hustle in the moving business? I can already picture my furniture riding shotgun in a dumpster cruising down the highway. Next thing you know, the dumpster’s asking for a tip! At least now I have a backup plan for moving – Dumpster Express, anyone?

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