How Big a Dumpster You Need for A Given Project x

Dumpsters come in all different shapes and sizes. Alright, maybe mostly just sizes as all dumpsters tend to be rectangular in shape, but, you’re with us – right?

The question is: what size dumpster do you need for a given project? 

The answer is pretty simple: it depends. It depends on a myriad of factors but we always like to direct you to consider these three key components of your project when considering which dumpster size you will need:

  • Type of Debris: Are you spring cleaning, home renovating or working on a commercial project? Each of these will help determine the size or type of dumpster you will need. 
  • Total Volume Anticipated: Fun fact – dumpster sizes are typically measured in yards, with 1 cubic yard holding roughly five 13-gallon bags of garbage. 
  • Delivery Location: Tight spaces aren’t a deterrent when it comes to renting a dumpster, but it does give key insight on the size that you should consider. If you have an alleyway or city regulations to consider, we can help you select the right size for your space.

Whether you’re renovating, landscaping, or just getting rid of some junk – there is an ideal size dumpster to meet your project’s needs. We kind of like to think of it as the Mary Poppins of dumpsters. 

Our 10 yard capacity dumpster measures  12’L x 8’W x 4’H and is great for any cleanup project, from construction to remodels. The standard rental time for our dumpster is a day, but for larger projects, including home renovations, you may need extra time to gather all the leftover debris from your projects. Our 5-day rental period ensures you have more than enough time to make sure any waste and debris is taken care of. 

Our dumpster includes one ton of space for your waste, but some projects (big construction projects, landscaping, etc) may need a bit more space to accommodate extra waste, in which case we’ve got you covered. Each extra ton is only $79.

In just one phone call, we can help alleviate that pile and stress. Give us a call at 512-883-7583 to experience friendly and helpful assistance, on-time deliveries. 

And if you prefer to book directly online – we’ve got you covered. Our website offers direct online booking too. 

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