Is Renting a Dumpster Worth It?

Have you considered renting a dumpster but wanted to know if it was really worth it? From mounting garbage to piles of unwanted items, there are many moments where a traditional trashcan won’t do. We all want to declutter our lives at some point, so why not do it the most efficient way possible? 

Here are 5 moments where renting a dumpster is not only the best idea but also the easiest. 

5 Times You Should Rent a Dumpster:
  • A Garage Clean-Up:  It is no surprise that one of the common reasons people rent dumpsters is when they need to do the ultimate garage clean-up. Whether you don’t have enough space to park your car in the garage or you are looking to convert it into a home gym or improved storage area, having a garage full of junk is not a fun situation. One million trash bags and unwanted furniture will not fit into a tiny trashcan. That is why renting a dumpster is the most affordable and practical option in this scenario.
  • Moving: For anyone that has moved, you know that trash can accumulate quickly – both in the old location as well as the new. When you’re trying to settle, having to drive multiple loads of garbage, construction materials, and any unwanted items is not something anyone wants on their growing to-do list. At the end of the day, the convenience of having a dumpster on-site can speed up the moving process and reduce extra tasks – allowing you to focus on settling down and moving in with ease. 
  • Remodel/Renovation:  A home remodel or renovation usually involves a good deal of waste materials. When upgrading your home or even just a room, you will inevitably be left with debris, trash, and random unwanted items. A dumpster can hold construction materials like wood, metal, or insulation. Renting a dumpster for even just one day during your renovation project will allow you to swiftly and efficiently rid your home of excess materials and debris that can take up a lot of space. 
  • Visiting Family: For holidays, birthdays, or get togethers in general with family or friends, making sure your home is in top shape is a priority. You may need to make room for those staying with you or extra space for a large group, either way throwing out items of no use is an easy way to get more space out of any home. Let your family be the motivation for a declutter.
  • Spring Cleaning: Speaking of declutter, spring cleaning is a great motivator to make more space and remove items that no longer spark joy (we see you Marie Kondo). As most of us know all too well, the urge for spring cleaning can strike at any point throughout the year. What better way to ensure that you don’t get frustrated during your inspired moment of decluttering than to have a dumpster on-site one day, and gone the next?  

One of the biggest benefits to renting a dumpster with our team here in Austin is that we will bring the dumpster right to your driveway, set it up for you, and remove it as soon as the next day for you! No muss, no fuss, no hassle. 

Don’t waste another moment – give us a call today.   

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