Keep, Donate or Trash: How to Pick What Makes Which List

Getting rid of old waste in your house can sometimes feel…well…wasteful, depending on what the item in question is. But, truth be told, often there are things that just do belong in the trash. Anything that’s moldy or rotting? Definitely get it out!

For everything else, it can be hard to know what to do with your things. For help deciphering what should go where if you live in Williamson County, let’s break it down and offer advice for determining what you should keep, donate or trash.

Picking What to Keep

Some people want to get rid of everything in their house, while others have trouble parting with even the least sentimental of items. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, you’ll likely have at least some internal debate about what should stay or go.

A few considerations for the “keep” items:

  • How does the object function for you? Do you use it every day or frequently enough that it makes sense to keep it?
  • Does it hold sentimental value? These items can be harder to let go of (although that’s not to say you shouldn’t let go of them. It just may be harder to decide). 
  • Do you love it? This may be all the reason you need to keep it.
Picking What to Donate

Good candidates for donation are items that are still in good condition but that you simply no longer use. Examples include outgrown clothes, decor that no longer matches your new theme, games your family no longer plays, etc.

If something is broken, stained or damaged in any way, a thrift store isn’t going to want it. As a litmus test, you could ask yourself if it’s something you would consider buying if you were to see it in a store. If you’re scared to touch it, it probably belongs in the trash.

Picking What to Trash

Items small and large may be headed for the trash if they are broken beyond repair, heavily worn, damaged, moldy, dirty or simply unwanted by thrift stores. This might include furniture, mattresses, or old appliances. 

But these items can also pose problems when it comes to disposing of them. Cities throughout Williamson County won’t collect them with their weekly trash pick-ups, so how are you supposed to get rid of them? 

One solution is to rent a dumpster if you’re going to be clearing out old items from your home. Did you know you can even trash yard waste in a dumpster rental if you live in Round Rock? At Griffin Waste Services, we’re standing by for all your furniture and waste disposal needs throughout Williamson County. If you have a question or are ready to rent, we’re just a phone call away. 

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