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The Best Places to Put Your Rented Dumpster

Projects come in all shapes and sizes – from landscaping to renovations. Whatever the project, the location of where you place your rented dumpster matters.

Things to Consider When Placing a Rental Dumpster

There are a few things to think about when deciding where to put a rented dumpster like how much traffic goes through the area, how easy it is to access, and whether it’s a safe place to store your dumpster. 

Some good places to put a rental dumpster are in a parking lot, on a quiet street, or in your backyard. It’s also recommended to place a rental dumpster on a level, solid surface such as concrete or asphalt to prevent damage to the dumpster or surrounding property. A rental dumpster should not be placed on a soft surface like grass. After all, these dumpsters can hold a literal ton of weight and can easily damage your lawn or landscaping.

Additionally, the location of your project may affect where your rental dumpster should go. In general, it’s best to place it in an easy-to-access point near where you will be accumulating waste. For most residential projects, this is either in a driveway or on the street.

You should not place a rental dumpster in a location where it would be difficult for the delivery truck to access, where it would block traffic, on a sidewalk or in front of a business. If you need help deciding where your rental dumpster should go, we’re happy to help find a good place for it. Give us a call at 512-240-6757 to ask your questions about the dumpster rental process.

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